Our office is still open for service, and we are still here for you. You can rest assured that if your electricity fails when you need it most, we’ll be here to help. Some of our customers have asked how they can prepare their home before a visit. If you find yourself in need of a service call, our team has put together 5 easy steps to follow!

A Mister Sparky Electrician

These Steps Ensure Our Visits Are Safe for You, Your Family, and Our Electricians

  1. Turn on all lights and open any doors or entry ways that lead to the area and equipment that will need to be serviced.
  2. To minimize surfaces touched, clear the area away that your electrician will be working in along with any personal items.
  3. While we love your pets, we care about your safety and health even more. Secure your pets in a separate room. (And yes, if your significant other counts as a pet, be sure to put them away as well!)
  4. Our electricians typically like to shake hands, but given the CDC guidelines, feel free to give us a thumbs up or a smile instead.
  5. After our visit, use one of our touchless payment methods. Our electricians utilize tablets so we can collect touch free via credit or debit card and can email your invoice for signatures.

To ensure your safety and the safety of our team, we’re going above and beyond ALL CDC recommendations. You can expect our electricians to arrive with the proper PPE including masks, latex gloves, face shields, cleaning wipes and show covers. 80% of our staff are now working remotely to minimize traffic in and out of our building. If anyone on our team reports they are not feeling well, we are asking that they stay home.