National Safety Month is here! While we always encourage you to put safety first every day at home, we want to help spread the word and awareness by offering a few simple tips that could help you and your family.

  • Test Your GFCI Outlets – Push the test button on the outlet and make sure the power goes completely off. Plug in an electrical device to verify it is completely off. Next, push the reset button to turn the power back on. GFCI outlets are a safety feature that helps prevent someone from receiving an electrical shock and protects devices from defects or faults.
  • Check for Frayed Wires – Frayed wires can be an electrical hazard in your home and you should check your appliances and extension cords for fraying damage. Remember to unplug cords from the wall before you start, then carefully examine the cords for any signs of exposed wire.
  • Keep a Flashlight by the Bed – Keeping a flashlight by the bed is a simple way to make sure that if you experience a power outage in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to find your way in the dark. Getting out of bed unexpectedly in the dim light could lead to trips and falls.