Prepping for the Storm

Hurricanes and tropical storms increase the risk of temporary power outages. It’s impossible to predict when and where downed power lines or malfunctioning transformers might occur.

And, there’s no guarantee as to when the electricity will come back on.

An emergency generator can offer a huge relief to homeowners. But is it right for you?

Electric vs. Gas

If your heating equipment, water heater, oven, and stove are electric, having access to a generator may be more important, especially for winter weather outages. Appliances powered by natural gas are more likely to withstand outages. 

Do You Have Space for a Generator?

Some portable generators are as small as a couple of car batteries, while others are as big as a 120-quart beverage cooler. You’ll need a covered, secure place to store your generator when not in use, plus a suitable place to operate it. Generators must be operated outdoors and covered in the event of rain.

Do You Have Space to Store Fuel?

In addition to generator space, you will also need a covered, secure area that is not a living space to store gasoline. Fuel should be stored in plastic fuel cans, and if you’re storing it for more than a few days, you should use a fuel stabilizing additive.

Do You Need a Transfer Switch?

With a smaller generator, you may be able to keep your refrigerator running and charge up a few digital devices. But if you want to power much more with a larger generator, the safe way to do it is by installing a generator panel and transfer switch.

Do You Have Essential Electrical Needs?

For some households, having a generator is less of a convenience and more of a lifeline. If you have electrical medical equipment that someone in your home is dependent on, a generator may be a necessity. 

Preparing for storms can be nerve-racking. Weathering storms can be frightening. Generators offer insurance and peace of mind, keeping you connected to the world when it’s absolutely necessary.

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