Mister Sparky® of Sarasota

Tips for National Lightning & Storm Safety Awareness Week, June 21-27

  • Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance – Make sure your insurance plan covers damage caused by lightning, including fire damage. Do not forget lightning can travel through electrical wiring and metal plumbing, remember to check both if your home is struck.
  • Unplug Electronics & Appliances During Storms – Appliances are a major investment and can suffer minor to major damage or worse, become an electrical shock hazard during a storm.
  • Install a Surge protector – Using surge protectors can help protect your electric appliances from power surges during a storm.
  • Prepare for a Power Outage – Portable generators can help provide electricity during an outage, just remember to use the generator outdoors in a well-ventilated area to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.