Is it safe to reset a tripped breaker? Here’s Everything you need to know.

Imagine you are enjoying dinner, and suddenly, the lights go off. Not all electric appliances are getting any power, either. It’s pretty clear what has just happened! Your home’s electrical breaker has tripped. But what causes breakers to stop the power supply to an entire house suddenly, and is it safe for you to reset it? Let’s dive in.

What is the Purpose of a Breaker?

A tripped breaker might be annoying (or even concerning), but the truth is that they were designed to do that – switch the power off precisely. A breaker is a safety mechanism in a house’s electrical design that automatically cuts the flow of electricity when it detects issues like a short circuit, a circuit overload, a ground fault, or any other electrical anomaly or problem. 

The purpose of a breaker is to prevent hazards that can result from faulty electric currents. These include accidental electrocution, damaged electrical equipment, a higher-than-normal electric bill, and house fires. 

As you can see, a tripped breaker is inherently a good thing. It protects you and your property from physical harm. However, when a breaker switches the electricity flow off, you must determine the cause. But before we look at possible reasons, let’s answer our initial question – is it safe for you to reset a tripped breaker?

Is It Safe to Reset a Tripped Breaker?

Generally, it is safe to reset your tripped breaker. However, it would be best to remember that you are working with electricity. For this reason, always practice the proper steps with caution to ensure safety.

  • Identify the Cause of the Trip

You need to find and fix the cause. A circuit breaker keeps tripping if the original problem is not dealt with first. Some causes can be easily fixed, like unplugging a faulty electrical appliance, but other issues need a professional electrician to identify and remedy. 

  • Turn Everything Off and Reset the Breaker

This is for your safety to avoid any chances of electrocution. Even though the power is off, don’t take any chances. Turn off the lights and all electrical appliances. Once this is done and you’ve identified the cause of the trip, switch the breaker back on by flipping it from the OFF to ON position. If it trips again, there is another electrical problem, and you might want to contact an electrician. 

When to Call an Electrician

The good news is that most breaker trips are due to minor issues. Once you’ve discovered that your toaster is the problem, you can unplug the appliance, switch the breaker back on, and everything’s dandy. But occasionally, the breaker might refuse to stop tripping despite all your efforts to find the underlying cause. This indicates a more serious problem. 

It’s always a safe bet to contact a licensed electrician. They can expertly assess your home’s electric setup, test for causes, and identify the problem. A good electrician can also provide practical solutions to prevent a reoccurrence and protect your home from future electrical hazards. 

If you feel unsure or afraid that the tripped breaker might indicate a potentially serious or dangerous situation, play it safe and let a professional deal with it. This will provide you with peace of mind, as the problem will be eradicated, and a good electrician will also offer a guarantee on their work.

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