Chilly days are here, which means we have to deal with the many electrical issues that come along with winter. The electrical contractors in Orange Park, FL, at Mister Sparky have put together a list of common winter electrical issues you may face:

  • Dealing with Old Equipment – Do you use older space heaters or electric blankets in your home? It may be time to replace these heating appliances with updated equipment. Many of these appliances are not compatible with modern homes and will often be the cause of fires. A good rule to follow is to not use a heating appliance in your home for more than five years.
  • Circuit Breaker Issues – Many Floridians look forward to the winter because it is a time when we can finally turn off the AC. That said, many of us are not used to those chilly days and tend to run the heater all day long. When used alongside other heating appliances, it can cause circuit breaker problems. If your system trips anytime you turn on the heat, you need to contact the electrical contractors in Orange Park, FL, to help you. Winter has just begun, and there are plenty of other cold days on the way.
  • Dead Outlets – During the winter, we tend to use extra outlets in our home to plug in things like Christmas lights, heating appliances, and new electronics that we have received as gifts. If you plug something into one of these outlets and discover that they do not work, then you have a dead outlet on your hands. Instead of letting these outlets sit, you should have someone from our company come by to check on the issue right away. We can make sure that the outlets were not damaged by overheating circuits, as well as replace and even upgrade them.

Take care of your home all year long with help from the electrical contractors in Orange Park, FL, at Mister Sparky. Our team has been serving people throughout the community for many years and is available to help you with a wide array of problems. Whether you are dealing with electrical issues caused by overuse of your heater or are just in need of a new electrical installation, you can rest assured that our specialists are able to assist you.