As native Floridians, you know the importance of a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans keep us nice and cool all summer long, but did you know that they can also help keep us warm in the winter? As your local Jacksonville electrical contractors, our team wants to make sure that you are using this vital tool in the winter to keep your home warm all winter long.

Using a ceiling fan in winter is not a replacement for a heater, but it works to make sure that you experience consistent temperatures instead of the rooms fluctuating in temperature. This works by putting the ceiling fan in reverse. When the fan is running clockwise, it will pull all of the air in the room toward the ceiling. This moves the warmer air that has risen back down to the corners of the room, giving the room a nice and warm feeling. It also helps guarantee that the air in your room will not get too stale.

If you live in a two-story home, a ceiling fan running in reverse can be a godsend. Many people who live in these homes experience unbalanced heating throughout the house, with the rooms upstairs staying very hot and the ones downstairs getting positively frigid. Having these extreme temperatures in the home force you to raise the temperature of your heater, which results in a higher electric bill at the end of the month. Installing a ceiling fan at the top of your open staircase will help keep the air flowing in your home.

Our Jacksonville electrical contractors provide a variety of ceiling fan services, including removal, new fan assembly, installation, wiring, and troubleshooting. We even offer energy-efficient ceiling fans that will help keep your bills lower all year long.

Whether you need ceiling fan installation services or are interested in a variety of other services, you can trust the Jacksonville electrical contractors at Mister Sparky to assist you. Our services include lighting installations, surge protection, code compliance, and panel upgrades, as well as a variety of other critical repair and installation services. We work with people all over the Jacksonville area, including Orange Park and Ponte Vedra. Contact us today to learn more about our services.