Keeping the power running correctly in your home is very important to every homeowner. The Jacksonville electrical contractors at Mister Sparky are prepared to assist you with electrical wiring updates. We are happy to help you in a variety of situations, such as new home wiring and upgrades to an older property. When our team is on the job, you can rest assured that everything will be efficiently wired.

When it comes to doing projects around the home, it is usually a good idea to leave the electrical projects up to the professionals. There are a wide array of rules and regulations you need to follow when working on an electrical system. Our Jacksonville electrical contractors follow the National Electrical Code when making wiring updates to your home. You need to make sure that all the wiring coming from the electrical company is correctly hooked up to your main power switch. Additionally, any incorrect connections from your outlets to the electrical panel could mean trouble for your property and your family.

Don’t let yourself become a statistic. From electrocution issues to fires, unsafe wiring in the home is a significant issue. When you hire our Jacksonville electrical contractors, you can have us update your panel and wiring, as well as do an inspection for your real estate needs. Not only do we rework your wiring, but we can also install outlets featuring a third grounding prong or USB ports that are not found in many older homes.

Rely on the Jacksonville electrical contractors at Mister Sparky when you are looking for talented professionals who can improve your home through electrical updates and repairs. We can install a generator, upgrade your lighting, and even put a ceiling fan in for you. Our certified electricians are always up to date on the latest methods, taking continuing education courses to learn about new techniques that can benefit our customers. Contact us at (904) 204-1882 for more information about our services. We always arrive at your location on time, which is why our motto is: “We’re on time, you’ll see, or the repair is free!”