If you live in a home that was built within the last 50 years, it is likely that you have standard three-prong electrical outlets. These outlets include the standard hot and neutral wire that is found in all outlets, as well as a ground wire, which is a safe place for unexpected current bursts to go. If your home was built before then, it is likely that you still have old two-prong outlets. These outdated outlets need to go and the team at Mister Sparky is here to help you. When you hire an electrician in Orange Park, FL, you can ensure that all of your outlets are updated efficiently.

There are a variety of adapters available that allow you to plug three-prong plugs into two-prong sockets.  These adapters can create a very serious hazard, as the ground wire will not be appropriately used. Furthermore, you should resist sawing the grounding plug off of your appliances. This is incredibly dangerous and can lead to fires. You can easily hire an electrician in Orange Park, FL, from our business to update the outlets in your home.

When upgrading two-prong outlets, there are a couple of options available to you. The ideal choice is installing ground wires for the outlet to ensure that everything is up to current standards. This process takes some time and may involve cutting into walls. It may take a little extra time, but the investment is worth it. On the other hand, you can choose to upgrade to a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet, which is also known as a GFCI. These outlets do not protect sensitive electronics from power surges, but they will shut themselves off if there is a risk of an electrical shock.

It does not matter if you are seeking an electrician in Orange Park, FL, or are seeking someone to assist you in Ponte Vedra, Mister Sparky is available to help you. We are based in Jacksonville, but serve many of the surrounding communities. Contact us at (904) 204-1882 to request assistance today. Our team will always arrive at your location on time and treat you and your home with respect.