When was the last time you made an effort to improve your electrical system? Our team has put together a short list to help you update your system:

  • Schedule a System Checkup – If it has been a while since you had someone come out and check out your electrical system, then you should have a member of our team come to your location for an inspection. We can tell you about potential issues and let you know when the energy in your home is not able to work with your current AC unit and other appliances.
  • Do a Personal Home Electrical Inspection – There are plenty of plugs and wires around your home that are used every day, but rarely inspected. Instead of letting them sit there, take a look at these outlets and cords to ensure that there are no loose-fitting plugs, frayed wires, or other issues.
  • Start Replacing Broken and Inefficient Appliances – Are there appliances throughout your house that are on their last legs? Take some time to figure out what needs to be replaced and make the investment today. This is a wise idea for individuals who know they’ll be getting a decent tax return.

The Jacksonville electrical contractors at Mister Sparky are always available to assist you with your home electrical needs. From simple repairs to detailed inspections, our specialists are ready to help you.