Your bedroom is the place where you rest, so you should do everything you can to make it comfortable. With just a few extra electrical outlets, you can make definite improvements. Here are some reasons why you should invest in new outlets:

  • Have a Place to Charge Your Phone – Do you have a good place near your bed to charge your phone? If you are the type of person who likes to flick through social media before going to bed, you should consider investing in a new outlet that features USB outlets. You can put this outlet in any convenient location, including near your nightstand or behind your bed.
  • Update Your Older Outlets – If you have old two-prong outlets in your bedroom, you need to make the upgrade as soon as possible. These older outlets can be a fire hazard. You should upgrade any two-prong outlets, as well as make sure that all other outlets are updated while you are at it.
  • Build a Bedroom Entertainment Center – Lying down in your bed and enjoying a movie or your favorite TV show is an unparalleled experience. If you do not have enough power outlets to run a TV and a streaming device or Blu-ray player, you can have our team help you.

Count on the team at Mister Sparky when you need electrical repairs and updates in the Jacksonville area. Whether you need a Ponte Vedra electrician or are seeking assistance in Orange Park, our talented crew is here to help you.