For more than a century, many American homeowners have had access to electricity in the home. During this time, there have been many innovations that have changed and improved the way that we wire our homes.

In the early days of home wiring, most electricians used what is known as a knob-and-tube system. This process involved placing wires that have been covered in rubberized fabric in special cavities. They were held in place by porcelain knob insulators, which were kept safe via tube insulators. This system worked well in these early days, but there was one problem. The fabric on the wiring only lasted for about 25 years.

With this knowledge, electricians began using alternate materials to cover the wiring. Styles used throughout the early- and mid-20th century include metal conduit, flexible armor, and non-metallic wiring. Every update and innovation was made to ensure that homes were as safe as possible.

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