The warm days are slowly starting to ​​​​​​inch their way back into our lives as this cold winter comes to an end, so you may find yourself turning on your overhead fan to see that it is not working as it did before winter. The team at Mister Sparky in Jacksonville, FL, has put together a list of some common issues you may face:

  • Stuck on One Speed – When your fan is stuck on one speed, the most common reason is that a capacitor has blown. When it burns out, the fan will be stuck at low speed. If it is stuck on high speed, then it is very likely that the pull cord is no longer properly connected.
  • Wobbly and Noisy – A noisy fan that wobbles can cause much stress, so it is vital that you take care of this issue as soon as possible. Check for loose screws and connections around the fan, making sure that the fan blades are correctly attached and balanced.
  • Stopped Working – A fan that will not run is either a straightforward repair or a sign that you need to have it replaced. If you have made sure that the fan is receiving power, the switch is working correctly, and that the wiring within the housing is not loose, then you may need to replace it.

Count on the team at Mister Sparky to provide you with ceiling fan services. When you hire an electrician in Orange Park, FL, from our business, we will assist you with troubleshooting, install new fans, and perform a wide array of additional services.