Extension cords are handy and helpful. With them, you can plug in all of your appliances and complete a job on the lawn with ease.

Here are some handy safety tips to follow when using extension cords:

  • Use a Short Cord – When you use an extension cord, you want to make sure that you are using the shortest possible cord for the job. If a cord is too long, the delivered voltage is lowered. Lowered voltage means that your appliances will not receive the power needed to run safely and efficiently.
  • Don’t Use One Cord for Multiple Electronics – Are you plugging in numerous appliances and electronics into one cord? You should stop immediately! Having too many items plugged in can damage both the cord and the items that are plugged in.
  • Use Cords the Right Way – If you have to use cords the wrong way, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. This means you should avoid things like cutting off that third prong to fit the cord into a two-slot plug, using a cord as a permanent replacement for an extension cord or running an extension cord through the ceiling, floor, or walls.

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