Living in an older home has its benefits but there are certain issues that you must keep your eye on. One of those problems is an old electrical panel. These panels determine how much power is available and distributes it to the outlets and appliances throughout your home. Read about these issues and see if you need help with your panel:

  • Dimming Lights – If the lights start to dim every time you turn on an appliance, this may be a sign that the power is not being distributed properly.
  • Circuit Breakers Tripping – Having your favorite TV show interrupted or your computer turned off while you are working is a huge problem that could be corrected by an electrical panel upgrade.
  • Using an Old Panel – Most electrical panels only last for 25 to 40 years. If you move into a home in Avondale or Springfield, you may have a panel that is older than that. Make sure you take a look at the panel before moving into these older properties.

Count on our electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, when you need assistance with your electrical panel. We specialize in new panel installation services, as well as upgrades. Contact us today to discuss your needs.