Taking care of repairs around the home is very fulfilling for many skillful homeowners, but electrical repairs are typically not part of the average home repair skill set. Mister Sparky, home of the top electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, has put together this handy little guide to help you decide when you should call an electrician:

  • Power Outlets are Smoking – When you notice that a power outlet is smoking, quick action should be taken.  First, shut off the circuit breaker quickly—as long as you can do so safely.  Next, call the fire department so they can investigate the cause and make sure your family is safe in your home.  Once the immediate concerns have been addressed, reach out to our team of electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL. Smoke coming from outlets could be caused by a variety of problems and we’ve got the education and experience needed to resolve an issue of this magnitude.
  • The Power is Out – When your power goes out, it’s important to make sure that it’s not just you. Take a look outside and see if other neighbors on the street have lost their power.  Make sure that the electric bill has been paid and that your electrical panel hasn’t been tripped as well. If no one else is suffering from an outage and you have paid your bill, then it’s time to contact an electrician.
  • Making an Installation – Do you have experience doing electrical installations in homes? Most do not know how to do these projects or are not familiar with the most recent techniques. Anytime you have to make any sort of installation – outlets, fans, smoke detectors, and lighting – you can count on our electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL. We know what to do!
  • Issues with Home Wiring – From loose, exposed wires to issues with your wiring getting in water, it’s vital that you contact an electrician as soon as possible. These wires are very dangerous and can harm you or your family members.

Having access to dependable electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, is very important. The staff at Mister Sparky is always available to help you with your needs. Even if you are just unsure, it’s wise to come to us for assistance. Contact our electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, today at (904) 204-1882 to request our services. We provide 24/7 emergency support.