Your home is important and staying up to date with your electrical system is necessary. Whether you have just moved into a new home or have owned a home for many years, it never hurts to learn more new safety tips. When you need a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician, Mister Sparky can help you! Take a look at some advice from our team:

Stay Up on Electrical Inspections – Scheduling regular electrical inspections for your home is an excellent way to avoid costly electrical repairs down the road. When you have a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician from our business come to your location, we will be able to tell you if there are any wiring issues, let you know if your electrical panel is working properly, and make recommendations to help you improve and upgrade your electrical system.

Check Your Electrical Outlets – When was the last time you checked an electrical outlet in your home? If you are like many homeowners across the country, the answer is never. Whenever you use an outlet, it’s a wise idea to place your hand on the outlet before using it. If the outlet is warm or hot, it may indicate that there is a problem. The circuit may be overloaded or there could be issues with melting wires. A Ponte Vedra electrician from our business can usually help you with these issues. Additionally, we will upgrade any two-pronged outlets to three-prong selections.

Inspect Your Cords – It’s vital that you always check the cords in your home regularly to make sure that they are in working order. You’ll want to inspect the cords of lights, appliances, and electronics, as well as any extension cords you are using. When these cords are cracked, frayed, or kinked, you are risking fires in your home. If you are using too many extension cords, you can request that a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician from Mister Sparky come to your location for new outlet installation services.

Are you in need of assistance from a talented Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician? Contact Mister Sparky today. From installations to repairs, we are ready to take care of your electrical issues.