Do you know how to properly operate your generator? Whether the power is out due to a bad storm or for an unknown reason, it’s important that you follow all safety guidelines to ensure it works well and does not hurt anyone. In addition to providing any generator service in Jacksonville, FL, the Mister Sparky team has some safety tips to help you run your system properly. Keep these in mind next time you are operating your generator:

Check the Temperature – Dealing with your generator overheating defeats the purpose of having a generator in your home, so stay on top of the temperature while it is running. Furthermore, it’s important to let your generator cool down before you refuel. Gasoline spilled on hot parts of the engine could ignite the fuel and cause a fire. If you are having problems with your unit overheating, call us for generator service in Jacksonville, FL.

Put Your Generator in the Right Location – It’s important that you keep your generator in a dry, well-ventilated area. Make sure that you avoid enclosed areas and wipe away any water from the generator while it is in operation. Never operate your generator in standing water, as you could hurt yourself and your family members.

Do Not Backfeed Power into Your Home – Backfeeding, the practice of plugging your generator into a wall outlet to power the whole house, is very dangerous and should never be done. This practice presents a risk to you and your neighbors using the same utility transformer. If you are in need of a whole house generator, you can contact us to receive a generator service in Jacksonville, FL.

Are you having generator problems? Request a generator service in Jacksonville, FL, from the electricians at Mister Sparky. Not only do we install new generators in your home, but we can also make repairs to existing generators or make sure your current system is properly configured. Call us at (904) 204-1882 to ask questions about any generator service in Jacksonville, FL.