Those hot 90-degree days are here and you’re going to start seeing a spike in your utility bills! It’s just a fact of life when you live in sunny Jacksonville. The team at Mister Sparky understands your financial woes and has researched some excellent tips to help you reduce your energy bills during the hot weather:

  • Start Using Your Fans – When you use ceiling fans in your home, you can get the air circulating in without turning on your AC. If you don’t have any fans in your home, our team provides installation services.
  • Control the Vents – If you are not using a room in your home, it’s a smart idea to shut the vents so that you are not spending money cooling that area of your house. Additionally, closing doors to these unused rooms is a good idea.
  • Turn Off the Lights – This classic move is still a great way to make sure you aren’t wasting money on electricity! If you live near the beaches, turn out the lights, put on a few candles, and relax all night long!

Whether you need help installing a fan in your home or are interested in having someone come out and take a look at your electrical panel, you can hire an electrician in Jacksonville from Mister Sparky! We are known for our dedicated crew that always arrives on time and listens to your needs.