Pools and spas are a lot of fun, but they can be shockingly dangerous when you do not pay attention to the details relating to electricity. Here are some electrical safety tips for Florida homeowners:

  • Electrical Device and Outlet Location – It is essential that all devices and outlets are located at least six feet away from the walls of your pool or spa. These outlets should also be GFCI-protected and covered when not in use to ensure that no one accidentally shocks themselves.
  • Bringing Devices Near the Pool – It does not matter how confident you are with an electrical device, if it is plugged in, you should never bring it near the pool. This means your stereo systems, Bluetooth speakers, and other electrical items you may use while outdoors is kept near the house. Additionally, you should not bring your cell phone near the pool. You may break it!
  • Be Mindful of Powerlines – Are you putting in a new pool or spa? It is vital that you do not install it near power lines. In fact, you should ensure that all power lines are at least 25 feet away from the pool. Furthermore, keep any long power tools away from the power lines at all times.

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