Summer is here and we will be spending more time in the sun! Here are some handy tips to follow before you start using electrical items outdoors:

  • Monitor the Weather – As a Floridian, you know that it can rain for an hour and then stay sunny for the rest of the day. Before you start using electronic appliances outdoors, you should check your forecast. If high winds are coming, then you might want to avoid using something that could fall over, such as an electric grill.
  • Use Outdoor Extension Cords – Before you invest in a new extension cord for outdoor use, check to see if it is rated for outdoor use. Outdoor cords should be marked with a “W” on the packaging, while light-duty indoor cords are marked with an “S.” Using an indoor extension cord puts you at risk for electrical shock.
  • Watch Where You Run Your Cords – Make sure that you keep all of your electrical cords out of walkways and doorways. You do not want to trip over any wires and cause harm to your family members. Additionally, you should make sure that you move any cords once you are done with using your appliances.

Call a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician from Mister Sparky® First Coast when you need assistance with outdoor electrical needs this summer. Our dedicated crew of specialists is happy to come to your location and make sure your home is ready for outdoor fun!