Having a new baby is a joyous occasion, but there are many things you must do in your home before your baby comes! You have plenty of things to do, so it is a wise idea to hire an electrician to help you prepare before your child is born. Here are some things an electrician can do:

  • Spot Problem Areas – An electrician can do an assessment of your home to see where you may have problem areas. Your electrician can handle issues like damaged electrical outlets, excessive use of extension cords, and outlets that are just out of date.
  • Update Your Child’s Room – It is essential that your child’s room be ready for the day they come home. You do not want to be doing a bunch of work on it while they are in their first few weeks. Our electricians can add new outlets, install recessed lighting, and put in new ceiling fans.
  • Hide Electrical Cords – Do you have electrical cords all over your living room? An electrician can assist you with these issues. We can help you with cord covers to prevent your child from pulling them out and hurting themselves.

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