Are you having an issue with a circuit breaker tripping? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Defective Appliances – Does your power cut off every time you use an appliance in your home? There may be a problem with the wiring of that specific appliance that is causing problems. You should consider having the appliance looked at by a professional before using it every day.
  • Overloaded Circuit – When you use too many electrical appliances on a circuit that cannot draw that much power, you are dealing with an overloaded circuit. Take a look at how many things are plugged in. If you have a lot of different appliances plugged into a power strip, you may need to reconsider what you have plugged in.
  • Short Circuit and Ground Fault Issues – When a hot wire crosses a ground or neutral wire, circuits begin to heat. This issue causes your circuit breaker to trip. An electrician should be able to take a look at your system to assist you with this issue.

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