Be prepared for accidental fires in the home when you invest in smoke detectors. Investing in properly installed smoke detectors can stop fires before they become too big and allow you to get your family out of the home before it harms anyone. There are three types of detectors available that can warn you when a fire happens in your home.

The typical alarm that most homes have is an ionization smoke alarm. This selection detects big, open flames. Most people tend to set these alarms off when they burn dinner. Photoelectric smoke alarms are also available. These selections detect a smoky fire that doesn’t quite have any big flames. Photoelectric alarms typically catch fires faster than the ionization alarms. Furthermore, there are dual sensor alarms that use both the ionization and photoelectric sensors. These alarms are ideal because they can detect a wide array of fires.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or are just in need of new detectors, let the Jacksonville electrical contractors at Mister Sparky® First Coast assist you. We are happy to replace your old system, wire together a more efficient system of alarms, or do a completely new installation in your home. From single family to multi-family homes, we are ready to help you.