What if we said there was an even more hidden risk in your pool than drowning? And that risk, while preventable, many times goes undetected until it is too late.
Within the past 10 years, studies have shown that there have been roughly 110 pool electrocutions where 60 have resulted in the death of the swimmer. This past summer, Florida residents have experienced the terror of tragic swimming accidents, including that of Calder Sloan, a 7-year-old spirited boy who was electrocuted to death in his family’s pool this past April. Although we have informed families about the risks associated with swimming pools, recent events involving innocent swimmers has caused a spark of concern for swimming pool safety among the Mister Sparky Dallas family.

Defective Lights and Pumps

Calder Sloan and his brothers were swimming in their backyard when the water suddenly shocked his older brother. Although he urged his siblings to get out of the pool, Calder didn’t hear, was thrusted out of the water, and sadly passed away from his injuries.

“A contractor was hired to fix the light after it stopped turning on about nine months ago and electricians told the boy’s uncle that a problem with the light switch suggested the power was going directly to the pool instead of being diverted from it.”

In May, a Florida condominium’s swimming pool’s pump malfunctioned and sent electric currents throughout the water, which paralyzed and injured four children. The pool passed an inspection earlier this year, which requires the pool to adhere to health and safety codes, however, local and state officials are considering the placement of stricter regulations to avoid any sort of accident from reoccurring.

Monitoring Your Swimming Pool Safety

These stories as well as other swimming tragedies that have taken place nationwide have flickered Mister Sparky’s bulb; we want families to be educated on swimming pool safety this summer and not have to worry about hazards like this. While accidents are inevitable, we hope you and your loved ones consider some of our recommendation to maintain the safety of your pool. We recommend:

  • Avoid using electrical cords near the water and keeping the area away from overhead power lines.
  • Install ground fault circuit interrupters by our technicians to protect swimmers against electrocution.
  • Making sure that any underwater lights, equipment or machinery used around your pool are equipped with a GFCI to prevent injury should an electrical hazard present itself.
  • Having a licensed, experienced technician check the maintenance and safety coding of your pool yearly.

To have the proper GFCI devices installed in your swimming pool or if you need a professional to ensure that your lights and pumps are situated correctly, call an expert Mister Sparky® of Dallas Fort Worth today at F:P:Sub:Phone}!