Yes. It is pretty common for technicians to deny customers of an over-the-phone electrical repair quote. The reasons are frustratingly simple and once you see (or have personally experienced) both sides of similar situations, you have a better understanding of why project estimates are not always acceptable.

“But you told me it would only cost $100!”
How many times have you heard this story; a person is extremely upset because a repairman came to their home to fix a problem and when finished, they ended up asking for more than they told you it would cost.  This is the primary reason we, as well as many, companies do not give electrical repair quotes over the phone. Although a customer may call and explain the project to customer service representatives, we cannot see the actual problem therefore, we have no clue how severe it really is. And if an electrician provides you with a price, gets to your home, and sees that the issue is more complex than expected, they are going to raise the price.

Remember, we aren’t trying to be mean here! It would be unfair to our customers for us to misquote someone to only charge them more after the work is done. Mister Sparky Dallas experts are professionals in their field of expertise who put their customers’ satisfaction before anything else. Call us this summer at (469) 208-4475 for any of your home improvement needs!