Door Bell

Need doorbell repairs? Some people find the loud rings of doorbells annoying and startling but what happens when it stops working? You find that you miss visitors altogether, even if they pound at the door. Do you fix the doorbell yourself or call an electrician?

What Do I Do First?

There are some handy people out there who would rather fix the problem areas of their home than call for help. If you don’t consider yourself to be one of these individuals, that’s fine! Mister Sparky is here to guide you into the right direction of doorbell repairs. First thing’s first, try to determine the problem; if you press the button and don’t hear any buzzing sounds, chances are that the button is what’s broken and needs to be replaced. In this instance, you can certainly purchase a replacement doorbell and a screwdriver (if you don’t already have one) from your local hardware store and replace the bell yourself. However, if there is zero sound, the problem can either be defective wiring, a damaged transformer, or broken chimes.

If this is the case, you can leave the hard work to us!

Do It Myself Or Call Mister Sparky?

So maybe you really want to complete the doorbell repair yourself, we’re not going to hold you back! We’re simply here to compare your options and show you that we aren’t a bad option to have on your emergency call list.

DIY Doorbell Repairs

  • Convenient
  • Cost efficient if you have the tools for repair

Mister Sparky

  • We get our hands dirty while you relax
  • Quick and punctual tech
  • We’ll pinpoint and fix the correct problem

Mister Sparky® of Dallas Fort Worth electricians have seen their number of faulty doorbells and therefore, are extremely familiar with these small repairs. We proudly serve Dallas and its surrounding areas to bring 100% satisfaction guaranteed service to you and your home.

Call a Mister Sparky® of Dallas Fort Worth electrician at (469) 208-4475 for your doorbell repairs today!