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Finding a good, reliable electrician who is certified is difficult. Even when you do find a good electrician, getting them to correctly fix problems with your electrical wiring can be a daunting task.

Not anymore.

Mister Sparky® of Charleston Electricians is a professional service with a very high standard of work quality and customer satisfaction. You can confidently call our electricians 24/7 who can correctly fix any electrical problems that you might be facing.

Our company now covers the city of Summerville, SC, to provide all kinds of electrical repair and installation services.

To learn more about our electrical repairs and installations near you, call us at (843) 418-0696 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment with our electricians in Summerville today.

Electrical Services We Provide in Summerville, SC

Each one of our electricians is certified and goes through a rigorous process of testing and checking before they are hired. We provide regular training and refresher courses to our electricians to ensure that they are aware and knowledgeable about the latest electrical circulation and technologies used in homes and offices.

Our electrical contractors in Summerville, SC also go through courses aimed at improving customer interaction to give you the best level of customer service and care. When our electricians arrive at your premises, they will carefully listen to your instructions and expectations so that they know exactly what you want done.

Our electricians are skilled and trained in the following types of services.

Wiring Installation

It is very important to get the electrical wiring in your dwelling fitted by a trained professional. Exposed or improperly installed wiring can be potentially dangerous and cause accidents. Uncovered wring left concealed inside the wall can even cause sparks which can start a fire.

This is why there are sets of rules and guidelines that must be followed when installing the wires in your house and you should get someone knowledgeable and certified, like an electrician in Summerville SC from Mister Sparky, to install the wiring in your home and business.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures in your home can develop problems with usage and time. While some of these problems can be fixed on your own, others might require help from a professional electrician in Summerville SC.

For example, if the lighting does not turn on when you flip the switch, the problem could either be due to problems with the lighting bulb, the wiring or the switch itself.

We highly suggest that you call Mister Sparky electrician services in Summerville, SC if you have a problem with one of your lighting fixture instead of trying to replace it yourself.

While it may be possible for you to replace the bulb on your own, it can be very dangerous to do so as the exposed bulb outlet can cause an electrical shock.

In case you do replace the bulb on your own and it does not fix the issue, you can be sure that the problem is either due to the electrical wiring or the switch itself. In either case you should call our electrical services in Summerville, SC.

Fan Installation and Repair

Mister Sparky electrician services can install and repair all kinds of fans including ceiling fans. Some common symptoms of problems with your fans are that they are wobbly, noisy, too fast or too slow or they stop working altogether.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The fire and carbon monoxide alarms play a very important role in the safety of your house.

Although a fire can be put out if it is detected in its early stages, once it has spread the fire can get completely out of control and cause permanent damage to the property.

The same is true of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is also called the ‘silent killer’. If Carbon monoxide spreads in an enclosed space, it causes suffocation and problems in breathing. A person can die in less than 6 minutes if they stay in a room filled with carbon monoxide. It is incredibly dangerous if it spreads at night while people are asleep.

You should get the fire and CO detector in your house regularly checked to ensure that there are no problems with these devices.

Main Electrical Panels

The main electrical panel lets electricity into your house. It also serves the important function of regulating the current. It is set up to shut down the flow of electricity the moment there is a fault. Typical faults are overload of electric charge or short circuit.

This mechanism helps protect the wiring as well as your appliances. There are some basic things that your should be aware about the electric circuit breaker in your house.

You should know where the main circuit breaker box is. The box contains a panel with separate breakers for individual circuits. You should label each breaker so that you know which circuit has tripped in case of a problem.

This makes it easier to detect and solve any problems electrical problems with the wiring in your building.

When our electrician arrives at your premises to fix a problem, they will probably need to know the location of the main panel. This is so that they can shut off electricity to the specific area where they will be working and part of their safety training. This enables our technicians to provide you with a quick and efficient electrical repair in Summerville, SC.

Emergency Electrical Services in Summerville, SC

Mister Sparky® of Charleston provides one of the best emergency electrical services in Summerville, SC. We understand that problems with your electrical systems don’t just cause inconvenience. They can also become a safety hazard. Exposed wiring and a failed fire alarm system could potentially lead to an accident and we take every single call seriously and as a priority.

This is why we put out a guarantee that our electrical contractors in Summerville, SC will arrive at your premises on the promised time or earlier.

We are equally proud of our skilled professionals’ quality of service. Our technicians can assess and sort out any problems with your electrical systems and get it fixed in a very short period of time. We also put a guarantee of one year on the work we do and this is why Mister Sparky® of Charleston is one of the most highly trusted electrician services in Summerville, SC.

Call us at (843) 418-0696 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment with one of our electrical contractors near you. Our Summerville electrical contractors are available 24/7 for emergencies!