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At Mister Sparky®, we help families and homeowners keep their homes safe with our smart home installation services. Modern technology allows families to have peace of mind knowing that they can look out for their homes, even when they are away. Some smart home devices also allow you to save energy and money. If you want to install a smart home system, our team of professionals is ready to help you. Our electricians are highly knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified to handle any project, no matter how big or small.

Smart Lighting Services

It is common for homeowners or family members to leave lights on by accident when you leave your house—costing you money. Having a smart light service will help you turn your lights off with your phone, even when you’re away from home. You can also add automatic timers and motion sensors that can significantly cut down your electricity bill. With a smart lighting system, you will have ultimate control over the lighting in your home.

Smart Thermostats Services

In most cases, HVAC systems take up to half of your household energy usage. With a smart thermostat, you can save a significant amount of money and energy. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust your temperature at non-peak hours, and you can turn up the heat so that your house is already warm when you get home. The best part is that these devices make a significant impact on energy conservation.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Smart sprinkler controllers help you be in full control of your home's irrigation with your phone. Many devices help you control the water you spend. For example, if it starts raining, you can shut off your sprinklers so that you save on water costs—even when you’re not home.

Smart Home Security Services

New devices make it easier for you to control your door locks and security cameras remotely. Some devices have motion detectors that notify you when someone walks up to your door. Others allow you to communicate to a person knocking at your door without you having to open it. There are countless new ways to keep your home safe from intruders. Our smart home electricians can help you identify which smart home security system best fits your needs and your budget.

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Our team at Mister Sparky® cares about keeping your home safe. We specialize in installing all different types of home security systems so that you have peace of mind when you are away from home. Our technicians show up on time to scheduled appointments, and they clean up after themselves when they complete a project because they respect your time and your home. We're On Time, You'll See, Or The Repair Is Free! Mister Sparky® is a full-service provider; offering installation, repair, replacement, and servicing for all electrical needs.

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Smart Lighting

Have you ever accidentally left your lights on when rushing out to an event or appointment? Are you tired of manually turning your porch lights on and off every single evening? Do you want to be able to dim your lights without getting up off your couch? With smart lighting, you will be able to control and adjust your lights from the palm of your hand – even when you are not home. Smart lighting apps also offer homeowners an opportunity to set up automatic schedules and timers. These smart features are both convenient and energy-efficient – saving you money on monthly electricity bills.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Smart sprinkler controllers provide added flexibility and ease in monitoring your lawn. If you are out of town or away from home during a storm, a smart sprinkler system will allow you to shut off your system from the convenience of a mobile app. Some smart sprinkler devices can even detect the moisture in the soil and adjust their schedule and programming accordingly. These state-of-the-art features will help you avoid overwatering and save you money.

Smart Thermostats

HVAC systems account for more than 50% of the average household’s annual energy usage. An excellent way to cut down on excess HVAC energy expenditures is by installing a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will allow you to adjust, schedule, and track the temperature in your home. This can prove particularly useful when you’re out running errands, at work, or on vacation. Many thermostats can even monitor your daily patterns and activity to optimize their settings for maximum efficiency: conserving energy and cutting down on electric bills.

Smart Flood Detection

Flood detection sensors are another must-have smart technology that can safeguard your home. These state-of-the-art sensors will actively monitor water levels and immediately notify you in the event of a leak or flood. Anyone who has dealt with the aftermath of water damage knows how valuable time can be in such emergencies. By installing a smart flood detection device in your home, our technicians can help you mitigate and/or avoid the costly consequences of unwanted water on your property.

Smart Home Security

A smart home security system makes it possible to control doorbells, locks, and security cameras from a digital app. Many smart security systems are equipped with motion detectors that notify homeowners whenever someone comes near their door. Even when you’re away from home, these systems provide access to camera footage and allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely. It is also possible to communicate via a speaker embedded in most smart security devices. Enhance the safety and privacy of your home today by having one of our technicians install a smart security system at your residence!

EV Charger Installation

Over 80% of electric vehicles are charged at home – reaping the advantages of low, stable residential electricity rates. Smart home technologies can save you money, time, and effort when it comes to recharging a plug-in electric vehicle (EV). By connecting your EV charging station to a smart system, you can monitor and control your all-electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle remotely. Understanding when an EV is fully charged can help you reduce monthly electricity expenses.

Check out our video for all you need to know about home EV charging stations:

Smart Garage Opener

If you’ve ever left your garage door open, you know how nerve-wracking and frustrating this scenario can be. With a smart garage door opener, you can check and see whether your garage door is open or closed remotely. Connected to wireless Internet and equipped with sensors, smart garage doors can be easily monitored by a smartphone app. Instead of driving all the way home, protect your belongings and property by closing the garage door off site with the push of a button.

Smart Home Theater & Speaker System

With a professionally installed smart home theater, you can enjoy the luxuries and comforts of a hi-tech entertainment setup at home. Our expert technicians can integrate numerous home theater devices into your home automation system. We can make it possible to control and program your lights, speakers, curtains, recliner seats, and TV with a simple voice command or touch of a button. Let us help you create an immersive and dynamic home viewing experience today!

Brands Supported

The electrical specialists at Mister Sparky have the tools and experience necessary to install the biggest and best smart home technology brands, including:

Smart Home Automation Built Around Your Habits

Smart technologies provide a real-time overview of your home’s energy usage and can be programmed to automatically respond to certain conditions. From smart motion detectors that automatically switch on appliances when people are present to thermostats that learn your home’s seasonal and circadian rhythms, smart home technologies can evolve and adapt to maximize efficiency. These features will help you cut down on electricity usage. They also offer the peace of mind that comes with having immediate access and control over your home appliances and devices.

  • Have More Control Over Your Electrical System

    The capacity to manage your home devices from your smartphone provides increased convenience and control. With your home appliances and devices centralized and adjustable from the palm of your hand, you can alter your security, lighting, entertainment, and HVAC systems remotely and with little effort. Providing up-to-date metrics on energy usage, smart systems offer beneficial information. Over time, you can use your smart system’s feedback to alter schedules, habits, and routines for optimal energy efficiency.

  • Reduce Your Electricity Bill

    Homes connected to smart technologies use, on average, 30-40% less energy than traditional homes. This can add up to almost $1000 in savings on utility bills each year. By keeping track of your daily habits, smart home services will improve your home’s energy efficiency over time. For example, a smart thermostat can learn your temperature preferences and suggest energy-efficient settings. It is also possible to program lights and motorized shades to turn on or off at specific times. By ensuring your appliances work solely when desired, you can reduce electricity costs exponentially.

  • Your Home Is Safer with Smart Home Technology

    Smart gadgets are more than just fun and convenient. They can also make your home dramatically safer by reacting to unexpected problems. When it comes to protecting your property, smart technology offers an added layer of defense. When severe weather, storms, tornados, and wildfires occur, time is of the essence. By detecting fires, temperature shifts, carbon monoxide, and electrical hazards, smart technologies can turn off your appliances instantaneously to prevent catastrophes.

    Learn more about how Smart technology can protect your home with this video

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Protect Your Smart Home System with Whole Home Surge Protection

A sudden electrical surge can lead to power outages, damaged appliances, and overblown circuits. The devices you have wired or plugged into your electrical system can be blown in an instant – leaving you with an expensive headache.

Fortunately, smart home technologies offer homeowners an extra safety net. With our whole-home surge protection, you can safeguard your electrical system from internal and external voltage spikes. In the following video, Mister Sparky’s COO explains in detail how we can help you STOP THE SURGE:

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