No matter what you do to cut operational costs at your Charleston, South Carolina, business, your energy bills continue to rise. The source of your shrinking budget may be difficult to detect: vampire energy. You can decrease your operational costs and protect your valuable data by hunting energy vampires in your workspace. Here’s how.

What Is Vampire Energy?

Vampire energy may not have fangs or hate the sun, but it does sap power from your workspace, leading to higher electricity bills and energy waste. Put simply, vampire energy is the power that appliances and electronics continue to sap even when they’ve been turned off. Even if the switch is flipped, as long as your device or appliance is plugged in, it will continue to pull electricity. Your electronics may draw more energy as they update or record data while you’re not using them. This means that you are constantly paying for power that you’re not using.

Here are some common electronics that stay plugged in and become sources of vampire energy:

  • Cable and satellite boxes
  • DVR and DVD players
  • Smartphones and other smart devices
  • Video game consoles
  • Televisions
  • Desktop computers and laptops

How to Hunt Energy Vampires

You can’t ditch all of the electronics and appliances that sap energy, but you can hunt energy vampires by cutting energy flow to those devices. The simplest way to cut off energy flow is to unplug all of your electronics when you’re not using them. However, unplugging every computer or frequently used electronics in your office can become such a hassle that you may be willing to pay the extra energy costs every month.

Instead of unplugging all of your electronics when you’re done using them, plug your devices into a power strip. A quick flip of the power strip’s switch will cut off all power to your appliances. These power strips can also help you protect your computers and important data from dangerous power surges.

Kick energy vampires out of your business and you’ll enjoy lower electricity bills and a more efficient workspace. To further protect your workspace, consider installing whole-building surge protection by calling Mister Sparky at (843) 418-0696.