If your Summerville, South Carolina, home is older, you may need electrical wiring replacement. Older homes often have electrical malfunctions that can threaten your family’s safety through shorts or house fires. So, how can you tell if your wiring is faulty when so much of it is hidden behind the walls? There are warning signs that signify electrical wear and tear.

Burning Plastic Smell

When your wiring is damaged, you’re likely to catch a whiff of burning plastic. This toxic scent is easy to identify. If you smell it, call our office immediately to get an electrician to come over.

Buzzing Sounds

Loose wiring in your circuit box or trouble with your devices is indicated by buzzing noises coming from your outlets and switches. Outlet faces and cover plates may also be hot to the touch. These are serious issues that should be repaired by an electrician, so call us as soon as you notice them.

Flickering Lights

Lights don’t normally flicker on their own unless there’s something wrong with the power. It may indicate that your electrical system is overused or outdated, or that your fixture wiring is damaged.

Dimming Lights

Dimming lights are not a common occurrence in homes with good wiring. If you notice that your lights dim regularly, your circuit might be overloaded. To help remedy the situation, make sure your electrical outlet strip doesn’t have too many plugs, and one surge protector should never be plugged into another, as it draws too much energy from your current circuit.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers trip when your system is overloaded or your wiring is faulty. If your microwave runs less than a minute before shutting off your breaker, you have a problem. If it’s not your appliance or device, then it’s probably your wiring. Call our electrical contractors in Charleston, SC, today for an immediate inspection.

To keep your home safe for your loved ones, have your electrical system maintained and repaired as needed. For any of the problems above, call Mister Sparky immediately at (843) 418-0696. Put in the effort now and you can help prevent your home from suffering a loss of power or deadly fire.