With a whole-home generator, you can increase the value of your Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, home, save money on homeowner’s insurance plus have peace of mind. Most models are installed on a concrete foundation in your yard and connected to your electrical system. They use diesel, propane, or natural gas as fuel. A whole-home generator can prevent damage and increase your house’s comfort and convenience.

Less Damage

A whole-home generator comes on automatically when there’s a power outage. It can keep pumps working to prevent water shortage and will ensure your HVAC system stays on. You’ll have heat during the winter and AC during the summer. This will also assist in deterring biological growth from high humidity in the summer. You can also keep the food in your refrigerator and freezer from going bad.

More Comfort

With a whole-home generator, you can stay comfortable and prevent health problems during power outages. You can also use appliances such as a microwave, an electric stove, a dishwasher, or a laundry machine. You and your children will be able to watch television or use a computer or smartphone during outages.

Round-the-Clock Connection

Since a whole-home generator is automated, your alarm clock will go off at the correct time. You’ll be able to take a hot shower, and you won’t have to use long extension cords to connect your appliances to a portable generator. You can get the latest news updates, and friends and family will be able to reach you if needed. A generator can also make calling for help in an emergency or letting your workplace know that you’ll be late much easier.

Mister Sparky® of Charleston can help you increase your Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, home’s safety by installing a generator and upgrading many other types of electrical equipment. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and we have more than 60 years of experience. For skilled, on time service, call us at (843) 418-0696.