Back-to-school is in full swing and students are faced with evergrowing piles of homework, the morning rush to get out the door, and evening activities there’s a chance your energy bill could increase. Mister Sparky® of Sarasota is here to help you get through the transition from lazy summer days to hectic back-to-school weeks.

Use Timers for Your Lights:

Using timers for your lights will help automate your appliances, so you don’t have to remember to turn your lights on and off. You also won’t have to bug your kids to turn off lights they are not using. You can also replace the light bulbs in some of your most-used lighting fixtures with LED lights for extra savings.

Take Advantage of Daylight Savings:

Leave your curtains open to allow natural light into your home and reduce your electricity use during the day, especially during the longer days thanks to Daylight Saving Time.

Use Surge Power Strips for Your Electronics:

You may be using more electricity because of lighting for late-night study sessions, cell phone chargers, and computer use. Unplug anything that’s not being used at the moment to avoid phantom loading. Surge power strips are helpful since you can turn multiple appliances off with the flick of one switch while protecting your electronics.

As a token of our appreciation, we will be offering a $99 Home Safety Inspection throughout the month of September. Please call us today at (941) 202-5688 for additional details and to schedule an appointment.