Holiday Decorating Tips from Mister Sparky

This time of year brings holiday entertaining, decorating and increased use of heating systems. Use of these holiday and heating items at home comes with an increased risk of fire. Mister Sparky has compiled a list to help you and your family stay safe this season!

Keep Trees Fresh – Keep your live tree fresh and hydrated by watering it daily. Dry trees can be a fire hazard when wrapped in Christmas lights. If you chose to use an artificial tree this year, make sure that it’s labeled as “fire resistant” on the packaging.

Inspect Holiday Lights – Inspect all of your electrical decorations for any damage before use. Discard any lights with loose or bare wires in the cables and any cracked or damaged sockets to help lower the risk of a holiday fire.

Preset Your Lights – Use a light timer or smart plug to program when your decorations need to be turned on and off. This way you won’t have to worry about wasting energy when it is still light outside. For outdoor decorations, make sure you use an outdoor timer.