Electricians in Charleston, SC – 10 Facts About Electricians

Unless you have an electrician in the family, typically you do not think about electricians in Charleston, SC until an emergency happens and you need one. Electricity is something that we take for granted until we lose it. It is important in our daily lives and for so many other different activities. We are so entwined with it, that if we did not have it, today’s society would come to a grinding halt. Of course we want an electrician to provide a range of electrical services that will enhance our homes or comfort, however, few of us actually have an understanding on the exact roles of electricians and the details of the work behind it. Below are ten facts about electricians in Charleston, SC.

  1. Master Electricians – Did you know that in order for an electrician to be considered a master electrician they must train almost as long as doctors do? In the extremely dangerous field of electrical work, there is very little room for error. Electricians in Charleston, SC who have become master electricians have been training for years in classrooms and hands-on experience. After their completion of apprenticeship and becoming a licensed electrician, they still need to work in the field for a minimum of 3 years before they can apply to be a master electrician.
  2. Color Testing – Electricians in Charleston, SC, believe it or not must be able to pass a color test. Not very many people know this, but in order to work in the electrical field, color vision is critical. Many times, the only sure fire way to tell the difference between multiple types of electrical wiring is the use of a color-coded system, and without color vision, a person working with electrical wiring could make a very fatal miscalculation.
  3. Specialties – Much like doctors, electricians in Charleston, SC also specialize in various areas within the field. For the most part, most electricians are specialists in electrical engineering or maintenance, but a good many of them are expanding into both fields. Electricians also specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, or outdoor electrical work. However, many electricians will be quite confident in working in more than one of these areas within their field.
  4. Celebrity Electricians – Many electricians possess multiple talents, like most people. Some electricians in the past used their talents and went on to very different careers. Elvis Presley for example, began training to be an electrician. The former Rowan Atkinson, more famously known as Mr. Bean, had a master’s degree in electrical engineering that he obtained at The Queen’s College, Oxfort and Alfred. Even George Harrison from The Beatles was also an apprentice electrician.
  5. Safety Professionals – Electricians in Charleston, SC are also safety professionals. Part of the work an electrician is to carry out are safety checks. Life threatening dangers with electricity are real and that is why there are multiple safety regulations in regards to working around electricity that electricians must know.
  6. Problem Solving – A big part of an electrician’s job is to identify diagnose and evaluate. Quite often, problems are not always readily visible and this is one reason as to why electricians take advantage of many diagnostic tools. Electricians must be able to readily read blueprints, technical schematics and with that comes a good understanding of mathematics also.
  7. Functionality – Electricians in Charleston, SC have a wide range of functions that they perform. Wiring and re-wiring is the most common ones we all think of, but electricians also do upkeep through inspecting electrical programs and rectifying problems which is critical work of electrical engineers. Electricians also test, mount, work with climate control devices, and even security systems.
  8. Skills – Electricians have multiple skills and proficiencies, but they also must be great at:
    • Examination and interpretation of blueprints
    • Planning and execution of projects
    • The ability to make use of many tools
    • Critical and logical thinking
    • Superb hand and eye coordination
    • Working with their hands
  9. Clothing – Electricians must also make use of appropriate clothing and tools. Electricians commonly use tools such as chop saws, knives, pliers, screwdrivers and wire blades. They also use devices such as electrical power and testing tools often also. It is important that an electrician wears proper safety clothing while working with electricity. The clothing must also be fitted so that there is less likelihood of it getting caught on anything. Some electrical equipment operates in extremely cold climate controlled areas and with that an electrician will also need suitable clothing for different weather conditions.
  10. Jobs – The outlook for electricians is good. In the coming years more electrician jobs will be in demand due the continual progression, complexity, and our dependence for more electricity, electrical appliances, smart home systems, and the like.

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