Light switches are built to last. Many switches will last for decades. Sooner or later, they will start to fail. Here are some of the signs that you need to replace your light switches:

  • Hot Switches – Have you noticed that your light switch or panel is feeling hot to the touch? There may be a problem with your switch. It is normal for the switch to be a little warm, but if it is hot to the touch, then this is the sign of a severe electrical problem and could cause a fire.
  • Electricity Delay – When you turn on the switch, pay attention to the lights. If you notice that there is a delay between the moment that you flip the lights on and the light turning on, then the electrical contacts in the panel are no longer working properly. You should replace the switch soon, as it will eventually stop working.
  • Strange Sounds – An unusual sound, such as popping, hissing, or crackling, is a sign that live electricity is arching within the switch. This is a big deal and can cause a fire if not handled properly. Call an electrician to help you right away when you notice these sounds.

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