If you install a ceiling fan in your home, you may have one of a few problems with it. Fortunately, most of them are easy to solve. Let’s take a look at the most common ceiling fan problems:

It Just Doesn’t Work!
So you have installed it right but it just will not turn on. The first thing to do is to check the circuit breaker and make sure it is not tripped. Next, see if power is going to the fan circuit. Use your voltage tester to see if power is going to the unit.

It Hums
Some fans are of higher quality than others. A motor that is of lower quality will start to hum sometimes. You may be able to get rid of it by changing the speed. There are also anti-hum fan controls at some home improvement stores that are easy to add. Of course, the best way to avoid this is to just buy a good quality fan so you do not have a humming problem. For the best results, try hiring us to do your ceiling fan installation in Jacksonville.

It Wobbles
A common problem is the homeowner installs a ceiling fan into a regular electrical box. You need to use a box that is made for a ceiling fan. A regular electrical box isn’t made to support that extra weight. Sooner or later, the entire ceiling fan will crash to the floor!

So use the right ceiling fan electrical box from the start. Or, the screws in the electrical box could be loose. Another problem could be warped blades on the fan. If there is any variation in the distance between each blade, that will cause a wobble.

Most importantly, if you are installing the ceiling fan yourself, make sure you take your time and follow all instructions carefully. Some people just want to get it done as quickly as possible, but that is when mistakes are made. It’s much safer to call the experts at Mister Sparky® First Coast.