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Holiday Electrical Tips for Your Home

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! Not only will you have to prepare for holiday visitors, but also winter weather. The season’s festivities can take a toll on your energy bill and your electrical system, but luckily, your local Mister Sparky® of Birmingham has compiled a few tips and tricks that can help keep you safe and energy cautious this holiday.

Plan & Prep Your Meals – Prepare all the sides you plan to serve for Thanksgiving before you begin cooking your turkey. As your turkey sits in the oven, these side dishes can be cooked simultaneously to save yourself some time and energy costs.

Check Smoke Alarms – A combination of drier air, plentiful cooking, and increased usage of items such as space heaters, the risk of a household fire is greater during the holidays. As a precaution, make sure smoke detectors are working throughout your home.

Utilize Power Strips – As you’re using more appliances to cook and heat your home, it’s important to protect your electrical circuits from overloading. Power strips are great, but only use one per circuit, so you don’t overload your electrical system.