Whether you decide to upgrade or install an entirely new electrical system. Make sure you know a professional and trusted electrical contractor to do so for you. Electrical systems are complex and dangerous systems that must be handled with care and knowledge of safety practices. Otherwise, you risk electrocution and possibly electrical fires. For construction and upgrades, it’s best to contact a contractor and not an electrician for a variety of reasons. The main one being, contractors can handle bigger jobs than an electrician can. If you are in need of a contractor. Contact Mister Sparky of Florence for all of your electrical service needs.

The Difference Between an Electrical Contractor and an Electrician

An electrical contractor and an electrician do the same thing but are separate entities. Both electrical contractors and electricians work on electrical systems, however, electricians are usually individuals. Electricians should be trained and licensed to work with electrical systems as well. However, electricians may be equipped to handle large electrical work projects, such as Construction or large upgrades. Contractors can handle larger electrical projects because contractors are entities, not individuals. Electricians may work for contractors, but contractors are either an entire company that employs electricians or an individual who owns an electrical contractor business. You can be sure that contractors are up to date on their licensing and training.

If you have a large electrical project, you should contact an electrical contractor to do the work. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical projects will be installed properly, efficiently, and up to code. If you live in the Florence, SC, area, and are in need of a professional contractor for a large electrical project, contact Mister Sparky for assistance.

Electrical Projects That Are Fit for an Electrical Contractor

There are some instances that will require the help of a contractor instead of an electrician. The following are just some examples that would better suit a contractor than just an individual professional.

Construction Projects

Construction builds can take a long time, because of everything that goes into it. With the new trends of DIY home improvement projects, it may be tempting to contract an entire build yourself. Building and installing electrical systems are 2 very different jobs. Constructing a structure by yourself with no experience is possible, however, installing an entire electrical system yourself can be dangerous. If any of the wires become crossed or is installed improperly It can lead to some serious electrical system malfunctions.

Electrical construction problems consist of rebuilding or installing an entirely new electrical system. The main electrical system components include a battery or connection to the main power source. Most homes are connected to the main power source via an electrical panel. The electrical panel in your home is connected to the main power line that gets its energy from a power plant. Connecting and installing all the fixtures that are required to connect the main source of power to your home’s electrical system is a hard job that requires skill and expertise.


Wires are the roads of the electrical system. Wires allow the electrical current to travel and for electrical energy to be transferred from the plant to your devices. The main wires that bring electrical energy to your property are powerful and are clumped together in cables and other apparatuses that allow your electricity to flow to you safely. The wires in your home are a lot smaller and intricate. In order to know what foes, where, you will need to know what each wire does, what it connects to, and where it should go. An electrician will be able to figure this out, however, an electrical contractor will be able to manage this project in such a way that your whole electrical system will be installed efficiently, neatly, and accurately throughout the entire home. This is because contractors, such as Mister Sparky in Florence, SC have a way of streamlining things so any errors will be caught before they are permanently installed.


Installing the wires in a new construction problem is hard, but what about rewiring an already existing electrical system. This is also a job for an electrical contractor. Rewiring is just as complex as wiring an entirely new electrical system. Your electrical professional will need to have an understanding of how your wires are connected and where they need to go. Dealing with a system your electrical professional has never worked on may be a difficult task if your electrical system is outdated or wired incorrectly. Having a contractor reinstall and re-wire your electrical system will not only fix your issue but help you save money and prevent electrical disasters.

Updating the Electrical Panel

The electrical panel in your home is one of the most important electrical panels you may own. The electrical panel should house all of your electrical breakers. These panels can usually be found in basements and garages or even the attic. The electrical panel connects your home’s electrical system to the main source of power. The electrical panel also allows you to break the electrical current in cases of emergency. It will also help you restart your electrical system in case of a malfunctioning connection. If your electrical panel is outdated, it won’t do you much good. An outdated electrical system can also lead to some dangerous malfunctions.

Surge Protectors and Better Outlets

If you are an outdated electrical system, safety should be your biggest concern, by installing better outlets and surge protectors you can help prevent overloaded circuits and electrical fires, as well as electrocution. You should also pay attention to the directions and warranties on your appliances. Newer appliances do not mesh well without systems, and cause issues depending on the required power load. If you are in need of any electrical upgrades, installations, or repairs, you should contact Mister Sparky of Florence for a professional contractor that can provide all of the electrical system updates you may need.