Circuits and Wiring

Signs of Faulty Circuiting

When looking around your abode, or when venturing into buying a new home, it’s easy to overlook the telltale signs of faulty circuiting. We want to remind you that it’s worth taking the time to assess your current or potential new home for the following hazards.

Shortage of Outlets
Many older homes  are not equipped with enough outlets to support household demands of electricity. With so many power chargers, appliances, and technological devices dependent on those outlets, a home with too few outlets will become burdened with a high power to outlet ratio. Overburdened outlets can result in house fires that can devastate a home and leave homeowners in a difficult position.

Exposed Wiring
Another sign of faulty circuiting is exposed wiring. Any exposed wiring is sure to sustain physical damage, which can lead to flyaway sparks as electric currents transfer through the wire. These sparks can act as potential fire hazards in the home.

Splice Wiring
Many homeowners resort to splice wiring, or rather using electrical tape and wire connectors to conjoin wires, when performing DIY projects. Often times you can find splice wiring used in attics and basements. This method of conjoining wires is not overseen by licensed electricians and leads to an unstable electrical wiring environment.

Faulty electrical wiring is a huge fire hazard and can devastate your house. For this reason, take the time to look around your home and see if any of the wiring around your house is suspect. If you feel like you need the advice and guidance of a professional electrician, call on Mister Sparky today!

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