When to Replace Your Window AC Unit

Person aiming a remote at their AC unit

A good window air conditioner (AC) unit can effectively cool down enclosed spaces and can last up to 8 to 10 years, according to Consumer Reports. However, if you have a window AC unit that you feel is struggling to put out cool air, you might check a few things before considering replacement:

● Check the seal around the AC unit for leaks.

● Clean the filter and check to see if that helps improve cool air output.

● Check to see if the window AC unit is out of warranty and needs replacement.

● If you smell anything odd or hear odd noises, your AC unit might need replacement. For example, a musty smell might indicate mold or mildew in the unit. A smoky or burning smell might indicate an electrical problem.

Smoky smells, especially, might indicate a wiring problem that needs to be checked out to prevent a fire hazard. If you have any questions or concerns about your appliance, you should always reach out to a qualified repair tech. However, it might be best just to replace the unit if your current unit is always in need of constant repair. Keep in mind that, depending on their size, window AC units may require certain voltage and amperage ratings. A smaller unit might be able to operate off a typical household electrical outlet, whereas larger units might have much higher energy requirements and require a specific outlet and plug.

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