How to Maintain Your Restaurant’s Electrical

Chef in kitchen

Don’t let electrical issues creep up on you during a lunch rush. Maintaining and having an
inspection done on your business's electrical system is important for the timely flow of your
restaurant and your staff’s safety. In some extreme situations, neglecting this upkeep could also
lead to a fire. This is why we find it critical for you to take steps in ensuring your business
electrical and equipment is maintained and free of any damage.

1) Be sure to correctly label the fuses in the fuse box to make it more clear on where the
outlet connection is.
2) Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) should be located in areas where water use is
high. The GFCI will shut off the electrical circuit when it detects water ensuring the safety
of you and your staff.
3) Inspect the wiring on all of your appliances. A frayed wire can cause your appliances to
run inefficiently and could start a fire.

Commercial Energy Audits
Our electricians would be more than happy to take a look at your entire electrical system and
find energy-saving solutions to problems they discover. When the solutions are implemented,
there is a chance monthly utility bills could decrease by 10% to 40%, in return allocating more
money towards other business necessities. 

A reputable electrician makes all the difference when your restaurant’s electrical needs
professional help. We find that most faulty electrical work claimed by insurance is done by the
restaurant manager or a non-reputable contractor. At Mister Sparky, we guarantee that our
electricians will help with the upkeep and preserve your electrical equipment and systems with
precision and care. Don’t neglect an important part of your business! Call our dispatchers at
(210) 899-2430 to set up an appointment.

*Information gathered from Full Service Restaurant News