Consider the Subpanel

Cottage in backyard

Sometimes referred to as a satellite circuit breaker, the subpanel is an extension of your main
electrical panel that helps to distribute power to an added area on your property or home. A
double-pole 240-volt breaker in the main panel feeds the subpanel, which then disperses power
to additional branch circuits. When installed correctly and safely, the subpanel can be beneficial
for space, convenience, and efficiency.

Space. When space on the main panel runs out, a subpanel is a great way to place additional
circuit breakers. This keeps you from having to make a costly purchase on a larger main panel.

Convenience. Subpanels are great if you want to have on site access to your circuit breaker
from another building on your property such as a shed or a barn. A 100-amp subpanel would be
sufficient enough to provide electricity to those locations.

Efficiency. Overworking a circuit on an electrical panel is possible, so it is important to
understand the voltage necessary to make your appliance work. When making a decision to add
a larger appliance to your home, we recommend checking your main panel and ensuring you
have enough amps to distribute to the subpanel. Keep the subpanel in mind when purchasing
these larger appliances:

● Hot tubs
● Spa systems
● Yard equipment
● Washers
● Dryers
● Electric Vehicle Chargers

All main panels and subpanels have specific rules that the National Electrical Code (NEC) has
placed. Our electricians are trained to be mindful of accordance guides and quality work every
step of the way. If you are unsure if the subpanel is what would be needed in your home, give us
a call at (210) 899-2430 and our dispatchers will connect you with one of our electricians.

*Information gathered from The Spruce