Added Security With Lighting

Outdoor light

Enforcing protection with added security lighting ensures peace of mind whenever you are
home or away. For business owners, implementing extra lighting features can also deter any
suspicious activity happening nearby. For those that live in more remote areas, security lighting
could also prevent unwanted visits from wildlife. Depending on your situation, there are multiple
factors and equipment that can help achieve your preferred method of security lighting.

Motion Sensing
Motion sensors in security lighting have come a long way. Many found that motion sensors in
the past were too sensitive to subtle movement such as branches moving in the wind or small
animals passing by. Today’s sensors are more advanced and will allow for more efficient lighting
use. We recommend placing these lights in areas behind bushes or hidden out-of-sight to off-set
any suspicious activity that triggers the sensors.

Timer Option
If you feel safer with security lighting on at all times throughout the night, a timer option could
help you control the hours that the light is on consecutively. We recommend setting the timer to
turn on during sun-setting hours and turn off during sun-rising hours.

Accent Lights
If extra lighting in certain areas seems a bit unnecessary to you, accent lights could be added
around walkway, landscape, or pool areas. For a more eco-friendly version, installing
solar-powered lights that charge throughout the day could also be a great option.

Adding security to your home or business is always a great investment. Our electricians are
trained to spot the areas around your home or business that are in need of extra illumination at
night. If you need more assistance planning out a strategy, give us a call at (210) 899-2430, and
our dispatchers will work with you to set up an appointment with one of our electricians.

*Information was gathered from The National Home Security Alliance