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A person’s surrounding environment plays an integral part in their physical and mental well-being, and with nights getting longer, mood can be greatly affected. This is especially important for most full-time employees, as a large portion of their days are spent working inside an office building. If you found this article, you are either an office building owner or you are looking into leasing space for your work. Wherever you fall, here is some information you will need to know in order to make decisions on your lighting needs.

Lighting Temperature

Measured in Kelvin (K), color temperatures range from warm to cold and influence how we work.

  • Higher Kelvin ratings (4,600K or more) will appear blue-white
  • Mid-range Kelvin ratings (3,100K-4,600K) will appear cool-white
  • Lower Kelvin ratings (up to 3,000K) will appear red to yellowish-white and are considered warm

According to studies, cooler lighting increases productivity and warmer lighting produces a feeling of comfort and relaxation. This is all known by studying the human circadian system, which controls our sleep and wake rhythmic clock. Although placing blue-white lights around the office will increase alertness, improve mood, and energy, there are other aspects of this lighting phenomenon to keep in mind.

Lighting Depending on the Room

Since warm lighting emits the feeling of comfort and relaxation, experts recommend placing this type of lighting in areas such as conference rooms or any other areas of meeting. If possible this lighting could also be programmed to increase in the last hours of the workday to allow you and/or your team to wind-down and prepare for the next workday. Blue-white light will supplement innovative and cutting edge thinking in areas such as brainstorm rooms. We recommend giving your team control of their lighting settings so they can adapt throughout the day depending on their situation and mood.

When combined with building and window layouts, revamped lighting can increase the physical and mental well-being of you and your team. If you want to discuss lighting solutions for your office space or building, give us a call at (210) 899-2430 and our dispatch team will be happy to connect you with one of our lighting expert electricians.

*Information was gathered from the U.S. General Services Administration