Emergency Electrical

Staying on Top of Emergency Repairs

power lines covered in ice

There are many types of electrical emergencies that can take place in and around the home. Addressing each as quickly and as thoroughly as possible is very important—potentially lifesaving.

Power Outages

● Regardless of how frequently they occur in your neighborhood, here are a few ways to deal with power outages. First, start by turning off the main power source. From there, you can see if there are any tripped circuits or damaged wires. If you have reset the breaker and the power is still off, contact your power distributor. Lastly, wait a few minutes after the power comes on to plug in all of your large appliances again.

Electrical Fire

● These types of fires can be very frightening and catch you off guard but they can be quickly addressed. First, cut off the power source to the area where the electrical fire is occuring. Second, use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire as best as you can. If you still need assistance, call 911. To help prevent electrical fires, make sure you distribute large appliances across various sockets and unplug appliances when not in use.

Electrical Shock

●  Electrical shock is not uncommon and can happen for a myriad of reasons. A few key examples that we frequently encounter that can cause electric shock are frayed wires, damaged chords and broken outlets. If you have any of these hazards in your home, contact a professional to get them fixed immediately to avoid the potentially lethal risks of electrocution.

Fallen Power Line

●  Oftentimes occurring after a storm, fallen power lines can cause a large disruption for residents living around them. Not only can they block driveways, doorways and sidewalks, they are also a large hazard for electrocution for humans and animals alike. If you are experiencing a fallen power line near your home, contact your power distributor immediately to schedule a repair.

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*Information for this article was gathered from D&F Liquidators.