Ceiling Fans

Is It Time to Replace Your Ceiling Fans?

ceiling fan

You may not be thinking about them now, but come summertime, you will be thinking about your ceiling fans quite a lot. Frequently, we find that our customers have ceiling fans that are not necessarily broken but that are not functioning to their fullest capacity anymore. Here are a few ways you can address this issue.

Maintenance is an Option When… 

  • Any one part alone is having minor issues (ex: problems with light fixtures, blades wearing down, etc...)
  • The fan's maximum speed has declined or it is not functioning normally
  • The light switch to control the fan is not functioning

Time To Replace When... 

  • The fan is not turning on at all and problems with the switch have already been addressed
  • It is swinging, moving or making lots of noise when running
  • The fan is functioning but not providing the level of air flow you need (time for an upgrade)

Many times, there are ways we can address your fan problems. On the other hand, sometimes it can be nice to switch things up and get a new fan to uplift your space. If you are looking to make this type of change or thinking repairs might be necessary, now is the time to act in order avoid getting caught without a functioning fan in the sweltering heat. Whatever boat you are in, we will work with you to find the solutions you need.

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