Electrical System

Generators: How They Can Help


After this most recent wintery weather storm here in San Antonio, many of us were left thinking about ways to best protect ourselves to face of this type of predicament in the future. Here is all you need to know about generators, how they work and how to get yours today to make sure you are prepared for whatever mother nature brings our way.

What are they?

A generator is a device that creates and/or stores energy. They are often used to power large facilities like houses and businesses. Many run on diesel or similar types of fuel and therefore need an appropriate location for the exhaust to escape in order to operate in a safe manner.

Why do I need one?

A generator can be extremely helpful in cases of electricity loss as they can store or create enough energy to power a complete household for multiple days. In the wake of this most recent winter storm, we can see how generators would have helped protect many residents’ homes by supplying power to keep temperatures stable in and around the house.

How do I get one?

That’s simple: just call Mister Sparky. We will gladly meet with you to discuss your need for a generator, what generator options will suit you best and even help you get it installed.

For all of your generator installation or repair needs, reach out to Mister Sparky today at (210) 899-2430 to set up your consultation.