Amazon Echo, Google Home, Alexa and Your Energy Bill

Google smart devices

Voice assistants in your home are the latest and fastest growing trend. But what exactly does this mean for your energy bill? An E-Source article shares just how much energy these devices consume.

First, they looked into the power draw of Amazon Echo and Google Home based on activity such as playing music and listening. Next, they looked at Alexa activity alone.



What was the conclusion?

“If one were to assume an average power draw of 3 watts for the Amazon Echo, 3 watts for the Echo Dot (excluding the power drawn by any attached speakers), and 2 watts for the Google Home over the course of a given day, it’s possible to estimate an overall annual energy consumption of around 26 kilowatt-hours (kWh) for both Amazon Echo devices, and 18 kWh for the Google Home.

At an average national residential electricity price of 12.75 cents/kWh (per the US Energy Information Administration’s most recent estimates(link is external)), that comes out to a cost of just $3.32 per year for the Amazon Echo devices and $2.30 for the Google Home. To me, that’s not too bad for a music-playing, joke-telling, smart home hub with a continually expanding skill set.”

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