What is an Edison Bulb?

What is an Edison Bulb?

An Edison Bulb is also known as a Filament light bulb. They get the name because Thomas Edison first used a carbon-filament bulb during the demonstration of his demonstration of his invention, the light bulb.

What Makes it So Special

With a stylish and retro look, the reproduction of the Edison Bulb gives off a warm and ambient glow. While the original Edison Bulb used a glass vacuum globe so the filament inside was visible, the modern replicas use a filament with an LED strip.

The Benefits of using an Edison Bulb

Stylish, longer lasting, providing more for the spending dollar and with health benefits, too, is the Edison Bulb a choice for you?

  • Longer lasting

    A big advantage of using an LED Edison Bulb is that they can last five times longer than an incandescent bulb, while using just a fraction of the electricity.

  • Cost effective

    Research shows that it typically costs $30 to use an LED light for 25,000 hours. The reason is because LED lights require fewer watts of electricity to produce brightness. Though the LED Edison Bulbs might cost more upfront, it will last longer than a regular bulb.

  • Health benefits

    With a softer glow, the Edison Bulb is not as disruptive as regular bulbs and contains much lower levels of blue light. Because the Edison Bulb can be dimmed, the light gets “warmer” and emits even less blue light.

  • Stylish

    Known for its unique, antique style, the Edison Bulb has become quite trendy. Its vintage look creates an aesthetic of class and elegance with more warmth. Home decorators and restaurants have used the Edison Bulb to create a certain vibe.

  • Flexibility

    Not only can the globe of an Edison light come in creative shapes, but also the versatility can create unique lighting ambiance in a variety of settings. The vintage string lights using Edison Bulbs work great outdoors as well.

Demand Rises for Edison Bulbs

The demand for Edison Bulbs does no seem to be slowing. With its warmth, stylish aesthetic and cost-effectiveness, Edison Bulbs will continue to be trendy for decorators and consumers alike.

Whichever type of lighting you choose, you’ll be happy to know that Edison Bulbs have a great record of reliability and can save you money.

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